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ISo 9001

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ISO 9001

There is an increasing emphasis on the organisations from the side of customers and government focused on quality of products and services. Organisation managers are forced to deal with quality and stability of its processes, its management and continual improvement to be able to satisfy customers' requirements for acceptable price. One of the basic management tools for establishment and achievement of quality is a quality management system (QMS) according to standard ISO 9001.

mplementation and certification of a quality management system ISO brings advantages in many ways:

Economic advantages:

  • Costs decreasing for (non)quality
  • Decreasing number of sales returns and customers complaints
  • Possibility to take a part in public tenders

Advantages for management of the organisation:

  • Improvement of overall organisation management – " processes under the control"
  • Exactly defined responsibilities and authorities
  • The order in a firm (in organisation)
  • Building up the corporate culture

Public relations:

  • Improvement of an organisation image
  • Emphasis on organization respectability

The standard ISO 9001 offers the guideline for establishment and for maintaining of working quality management system. A certified organisation is qualified to use a certification mark for certified scopes.

Certificate ISO 9001
EXAMPLE: Certificate ISO 9001
Certification mark ISO 9001
Certification mark ISO 9001

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