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ISO 18001 Certification - Designed to assist companies achieve their Occupational Health and Safety objectives. ISO 18001 Certification for Health and Safety Management Systems.

ISO 18001 Certification,ISO 18001 Standard,health and safety,occupational health and safety information,construction safety training.

ISo 9001

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Certification body QSCert® is impartial, it manages possible conflicts of interests and assures objectiveness during activities related to certification.

The basic values of the certification body QSCert®


We cover credibility.


Certification Body with worldwide activities and acceptance.

To fulfill mission and achieve vision management of QSCert sets this


  1. Audit realization – pragmatic approach, suggestions for improvement, independence
  2. Auditors – expertness, education, motivation
  3. Customer relation – flexibility, face-to-face contact, partnership
  4. Consultants relation – fair, co-operation
  5. Our QMS – utility, improvement
  6. International activities – network of foreign partners
  7. Development and stability – product innovation, diversification


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